I'm Back!!!

Yep you read that right. I’m went backpacking! We hiked into Indian Beach. The hike is roughly 7 miles in.

 For those of you who don’t know what that is, backpacking is when you have this huge backpack (picture at the bottom of the post) and you hike into a place to set up your tent. You have to bring freeze dried or dehydrated food. You can’t bring too much, or too little.

It was really fun to escape reality for a few days. I went with one of my best friends her mom and my mom.

We thought that on the way out we were going to be able to hike out on a road that was 3 miles, but the construction workers were working so we couldn't. We started hiking on the trail, but the first 2 miles are straight uphill. After about 3 miles we arrived at Hikers Camp. (On the way to the beach when we went through Hikers Camp it looked as if someone was living there. Me and my friend were pretty freaked out but figured it was ok.) We stopped to eat lunch then started hiking again. Then we passed a r…


Hi everybody! So I am having a hard time figuring out what to post. Do you have any ideas on what to post?
Also I am doing a Q&A! Do you have questions for me?


And The Winners Are...

Hi everyone! How are you? Today I am announcing the winners for my short story contest! I truly loved all of your stories, it was so hard to choose the winners!

3rd place..... Bailey!!!

2nd place.... Jemima!!!

1st place...... Abigail!!!

Now here are their stories!

               The Fernsby’s by Bailey K.
The Fernsby’s were up to their normal stuff today. The smell of fresh honey bread baking in the oven, Toby playing with his pet guinea pig Mr. Buttons, which he had gotten for his birthday last year, Ted playing his keyboard, and Livie singing along to the songs he played. 

Twinkle twinkle little star,  How I wonder what you are. Up above the world so high, Like a diamond in the sky.

Mrs. Fersnby was in the kitchen baking, while Mr. Fernsby worked Mondays thru Fridays. The family lived in a two story house in a neighborhood right outside of town, with a back and a front yard.  “Mommy?” Livie asked “What sweetie?” Mrs. Fernsby answered back. “Why do I have two eyes when I only see one thing?” Sh…

Liebster Award!

Liebster Award!

Thank you Ellen and Leah for nominating me for this award!


Thank the person who nominated you. (Thanks again Leah and Ellen!)Display your award 3. Answer the questions your where asked. 4. Nominate 5 people. 5. Ask 6 new questions. 6. Let your nominees know they where nominated.
Ellen’s Questions 

What's one thing your dad does that makes you feel loved?
Um, this is a hard one. He likes to spoil me and my sister. 

Do you consider yourself a morning person?
If I have someone to be up early with, then yes.
Would you rather watch movies or TV shows (or neither)?
Movies. Then I don’t get sad when I finish the series of shows.
Can you describe to me one exciting moment of your life when you felt like you  were walking on air?
When I walked out into my living room to find a bouncy little puppy running around.
If you had to change your name, what would you change it to, and why?
I like my name, but if I had to change it I would change it to Emma or Emily.…


Everyone, June 1st is the last day to enter your stories for my short story contest.

I am so excited to read your stories! If you have questions feel free to let me know! I will try my best to answer all your questions!

How to turn in stories

1. Post it on your blog and comment on mine telling me you posted it.

2. Post it in the comments on my blog.

3. Send it to Izzy on her contact form. She will send it to me. Do that here


When My Mom Says "Have A Seat"

When my mom says have a seat it is almost never good. Last time it was that my great grandma passed away and now this. You’re probably wondering what "this" is, well here I go,

 Yesterday my mom sat me and my sister down and said she had to talk to us. Our puppy sitter for Lily (our Australian Labradoodle) has to move. Lily isn't really a dog, she is more like a child stuck in a dogs body so she can't be left alone or she barks the whole time. She does a lot of things most dogs don't do. For instance she nurses on blankets, has two families, and protects her human mamas. When my parents go to work, and we go to school she goes to their house. When ever we say the puppy sitters name Lily jumps up and runs to the door. We can't take care of Lily by ourselves, if we did I wouldn't be able to play sports, one of my parents would have to stay home from work, and we couldn't go on trips. I bet some of you are thinking "Just bring her to a different p…

Why I Think The Columbia River Should Be Natralized

Columbia River Dams

   I think that the Columbia River should be naturalized.  There are many dams along the Columbia River. Dams make it hard for salmon to return up river to lay their eggs, and for the young salmon going to the ocean. The backwaters of dams create unnatural water temperatures. When there is unnatural water temperatures salmon get sick. Some dams have fish ladders, which sometimes allow adult salmon and steelhead to travel through the dams. But, most of the time young salmon get stuck in the turbines and never make it to the  ocean. Only 8 out of the 14 dams on the Columbia River have fish ladders. Some salmon are becoming endangered.
 When construction on The Dalles Dam was completed March 10 1957 the backwaters flooded Celilo Falls. The water turned into what is now known as Celilo Lake. Native Americans have fished at Celilo falls for about 11,000 years. Other tribes would also travel there to trade and fish. When Celilo Falls was covered by wat…